Buildiso hangs and will not finish

In building latest ISO of Cinnamon, everything seems fine until it gets to “Creating temporary files…” then it just hangs. No errors, no logs ( that I can find).

Creating user cups (cups helper user) with uid 209 and gid 209.
Creating group deluge with gid 973.
Creating user deluge (Deluge BitTorrent daemon) with uid 973 and gid 973.
Creating group flatpak with gid 972.
Creating user flatpak (Flatpak system helper) with uid 972 and gid 972.
Creating group geoclue with gid 971.
Creating user geoclue (Geoinformation service) with uid 971 and gid 971.
Creating group git with gid 970.
Creating user git (git daemon user) with uid 970 and gid 970.
Creating group lightdm with gid 969.
Creating user lightdm (Light Display Manager) with uid 969 and gid 969.
Creating group nm-openconnect with gid 968.
Creating user nm-openconnect (NetworkManager OpenConnect) with uid 968 and gid 968.
Creating group nm-openvpn with gid 967.
Creating user nm-openvpn (NetworkManager OpenVPN) with uid 967 and gid 967.
Creating user ntp (Network Time Protocol) with uid 87 and gid 87.
Creating group openvpn with gid 966.
Creating user openvpn (OpenVPN) with uid 966 and gid 966.
Creating group polkitd with gid 102.
Creating user polkitd (PolicyKit daemon) with uid 102 and gid 102.
Creating group rtkit with gid 133.
Creating user rtkit (RealtimeKit) with uid 133 and gid 133.
Creating group usbmux with gid 140.
Creating user usbmux (usbmux user) with uid 140 and gid 140.
( 2/28) Reloading system manager configuration...
  Skipped: Current root is not booted.
( 3/28) Updating udev hardware database...
( 4/28) Creating temporary files...

I have latest iso-profiles and manjaro tools, I cleaned out of all of caches. I tried building from /var/lib/manjaro-tools as well as from local directory… nada.

Any ideas?

Please use linux54 kernel when you use buildiso. Some say linux59 might work also. There is an issue with temporary files creation.

I can confirm that linux59 does indeed work. Thank you.

The issue only appears to be with linux 510.

Not only you can’t use linux510 to build, you also can’t include it in the build, because the iso won’t boot.

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