Buildiso fails with a peculiar message

I am using the git version of the tools - all at r2996.d3ab091-1.

When creating the livefs - buildiso stalls with the following message

==> Prepare [/iso/boot/grub]
  -> Building core.img ...
  -> Building bootx64.efi ...
cp: cannot stat '/var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso/lxqt-kwin/x86_64/livefs/usr/share/grub/themes/arch-live': No such file or directory
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in make_grub().

I have reproduced the error 3 times in a row - and what caught my eye is the reference to a grub theme named arch-live - how can that be?

I am digging … update will follow …

Dug into various sources and then it dawned on me.

cat variable.cfg 

I have been playing with searx setup and to that end I had to trick the into believing my system is Arch.

Which also totally unintended broke my tools.

The @ISO_NAME@ variable was the lead

:man_facepalming: :facepunch: