Buildiso can't apply kde theme

I’m trying to apply kde themes (especially icon themes) to my custom manjaro build. But for example, when I try to change the icon theme from /etc/skel/.config and .local, it looks like this;
How can i change kde theme in buildiso framework? Then you :slight_smile:

You cannot - unless you employ the necessary changes - either using a custom package or …

What are those necessary changes? If a custom repo required, I have a server.

You can use use gitlab to host your online repo

Manjaro Tools (buildiso)

SigLevel = Never
Server =

I already have a server running, but I need to know which packages to modify to change default theme of kde theme.

This can all be done on the local system as e.g. a ‘cinnamon-profile’ in your home directory.
Before building the iso copy this iso-profile to the correct iso-profile in
’ /usr/share/manjaro tools/iso-profiles’

If memory serves me the theme settings should be in,
But its been a long time since I have built KDE so there may be other places.

I dont have a plasma folder in .local folder :confused:

Boot the iso you have now, copy the plasma folder someplace, reboot the computer, place it there, make changes, and copy it to Desktop-Overlay as well.

I booted up the live iso, but there is no plasma folder in .local;

I guess the plasma folder in /usr/share would work as well?

I found the solution :slight_smile: Just booted a live iso, changed the theme from KDE’s OWN STORE, and copied files below to iso’s etc/skel.


For guys who has the same problem, don’t forget to theme kde from its own store. Idk how that work but it is what it is :smiley:

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