Build tools chain updates

Are there any plans to update glibc to 2.38 or higher?

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Need to ask arch-arm

The PKGBUILDs in the following repo would be more than suitable for an unstable (perhaps even testing) release:

As much as I would appreciate a toolchain update (considering that maui-clip is miscompiled and always crashes for me, whereas I cannot reproduce that if I cross-compile the binary with a different toolchain), this is not something that Manjaro can really do downstream, or Manjaro would have to rebuild all packages with the new toolchain (or at least it would not be worth doing the upgrade) instead of syncing most packages in binary form from Arch as it does now.

Thanks for your quick reply. I had naively assumed that Manjaro had a server side script that rebuilt the binaries when the PKBUILDs were modified.

On a related subject, is there a script where I can interrogate my local core.db and output the correct build sequence for updating the installed packages?

Also, has Manjaro ever considered an open build service where users can upload PKGBUILDs to be built online?


Sure, they will lend a datacenter so you can compile apps… :smiley:

Sorry, I didn’t formulate the question correctly.

I often build packages locally, especially upstream releases with a new feature or where a patch needs to be applied for correct functionality.

If I were to consider upgrading a library or in this case a toolchain, how would I determine which other packages would need to be rebuilt and in what order?

I have octopi up and running on my RPi5 (strange this not not in the arm repos) and I can easily see the depends for specific packages. But often there is a chain of other programs behind the depends, that are not immediately obvious.

I just wondered if there was a script which interrogated the local pacman databases and outputted a list of all installed packages sorted in the order they must be installed.

In other words, I want to answer the question, if I were to build and install another version of a specific library, which other packages would I need to rebuild and install beforehand, and which other packages would I need to rebuild and install afterwards. And in which sequence?

Why would you need to build something beforehand? Compile library and rebuild anything that’s depending on it.

If you’re talking about toolchain they you can read this: DeveloperWiki:Toolchain maintenance - ArchWiki

You can use pactree to see dependency tree.


seem no one care :rofl:

Having a public build service for custom packages sure would be nice, but it requires a lot of resources, so typically only large distributions backed by huge companies can afford that (e.g., Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora). Even Debian does not have something like that. This is also why Arch does not offer compiled packages for AUR. So I am afraid a public build service for Manjaro is probably not doable any time soon, sorry.

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