Build Process Request: zsync files for distro ISOs

What are the chances of someone tweaking build scripts on sourceforge, so that in addition to sha sums, torrent, signature files, you also host a zsync file for each ISO, or such like? I’d like to torrent seed your distro’s most popular images to facilitate delivery, but the size of the download for each new point release is daunting. With zsync you can at least take some advantage of how there’s an older download image locally (still have official 22.0 images on hand), that effectively can somewhat reduce the size of the network transfer needed to update install files. In debian, there’s something similar to zsync called jigdo, to reduce ISO download volume, lightening the load on ftp servers. Thoughts?


I have no thought on that.

Appreciate your intention though.

If you want to ease up the download - you could use a script.

A short while ago I created a small command line python script which downloads the current ISO and signature and verifies when download is done.

You could easily create a wrapper loop for it and run it when a new release has been made.

EDITIONS=("gnome", "xfce", "plasma")
for edition in ${EDITIONS[@]}; do
    get-iso ${edition}
    get-iso -f ${edition}

It is also possible to amend the script to fetch the torrent and start a seed based on that.

Sorry I was unclear about intent. The idea was not so much automating the newly downloaded image verification, it was about reducing download traffic needed to complete the new local image. When I seed torrents, I mostly acquire the payload by means other than bittorrent/wget: jigdo, zsync, or similar, so that older local images can be put to good use in making large size images not so download intensive.


This would likely not work with Manjaro ISO.

The reason being the ISO is consisting of 4 squashed file systems so the chance of identical content is next to none.

Ah, thanks for explaining.

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