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I am delighted to discover this Manjaro community. I am testing Manjaro for more than a year on VM (Oracle). I would like to share my experience installing a package from AUR, librewolf and I hope you can give me some clues how to solve this issue. The package build started OK but after a lot of time (more than 1 hour) the CPU and HDD accumulating load over 20 from 0.44-1.0 and hdd grew from 5G to 10, 15, 17G. At some point the system crashed and I had to restart and start over again a few times with no success finishing installation. I increased the VM’s allocated MEM from 1024 to 2048 and then 4G but did not help. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @lattimro, and welcome!

Browsers take a long time to compile. I’ve noticed it myself:

From that post:

Firefox source is 350’ish MB compressed
Kernel source is about 170 MB compressed.

So yeah, it can take a long time.

However, the *-bin packages are precompiled and you don’'t need yo compile them. And I noticed that there is a binary for (the package with the -bin extension) for librewolf. You can install it with:

pamac build librewolf-bin

Hope this helps!

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thanks for confirming that this is normal to takes so much time for compiling. I tried also the binary you have mentioned but it crashed too. I installed from flatpack and it took few minutes.

You are very welcome!

I think the continued crashing has somethin, no I don’t know what the “something” could be, to do with it running in a VM, but I’m not sure.

But flatpak is one of my favorite ways to install software. So it’s all good IMHO.

As long as you managed, all’s good IMO.

If you don’t tell us how it “crashed”, there’s nothing we can do about it.

I did not have any info how crashed but means frozen should be more appropriate. I just noticed the CPU load increased and I supposed the allocated MEM reached a critical value and freeze the kernel. I had to power off the VM client (Manjaro). I wish I could have more info on that.

I don’t think it crashed completely. I think CPU usage was just so hight that it looked that way.

Don’t bother about getting more information. I suspect nothing is wrong, per sè

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