Build file wants to remove NVIDIA but no new version

Hey all, See screenshots 1,2,3…end. It wants to remove linux59-nvidia, but puts nothing else instead!

Also, going on previous experience, can it remove the current display driver like this? I thought I had to go to run level 3 to do that (not that I’m an expert, I’ve only done it once!)

I’m not sure what you want to do and what you’re trying to show in your screenshots. What I’m sure of is that you do not manage your Nvidia video drivers and kernel modules from Pamac (OK you can technically, but you shouldn’t). You should use Manjaro Settings tool to install or remove the Nvidia drivers, and to install or remove a kernel too.

Go to System Settings → Hardware Configuration for the video drivers, or System Settings → Kernel for the kernels.

For information linux59 doesn’t exist anymore in Manjaro you should have changed your kernel long time ago and remove this EOL kernel 5.9 long time ago. You probably should install kernel 5.10, boot on it, if all is working remove kernel 5.9 and then upgrade your system, then reboot, if all is working do what you wanted to do initially.

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can you open a terminal and reports

sudo mhwd-kernel -li
sudo mhwd -li
inxi -Fza
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