[Bug Report] Pamac GUI hangs after update downloads, I need to restart computer for it to continue update

  • I’ve got a fresh installation of Manjaro Linux (manjaro-kde-20.0.3-200606-linux56.iso) in a VM
  • Open Pamac GUI
  • Run Update
  • It downloads all the packages, then after the last one, it just hangs forever (waited over an hour)

Short video (sped up) of me doing it (sorry for bad URL, forum doesn’t allow links): https://streamable.com/lveh0u

  • Hitting “x” on Pamac GUI didn’t do anything, I finally rebooted
  • Pamac GUI opened again when the computer booted up, I hit Updates > Apply again
  • Pamac GUI continued the update

EDIT: This is on Pamac version 9.5.3-1. I see version 9.5.9-1 is in the repos right now, I’ll retest with that version

Update: Confirmed this issue is in version 9.5.9 as well. (Tested whole thing from scratch on a new VM)

Edit2: Rather than rebooting, you can also hit “Cancel” then “Apply” again, and the update will continue

There is a newer up to date iso 20.1 version.
If you want to update from an older iso, you will have maybe hundreds of packages concerned.

If you still want to do so, use pacman - Syu from a terminal. With so much packages to handle, GUI pamac will surely hang and break.

Eh … , no?
It’s its job to handle the updates - regardless how many packages are involved. It should not hang and certainly not break.

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There is a newer up to date iso 20.1 version.

I’ll happily test it - Where do I find that? https://manjaro.org/downloads/official/kde/ has my version still, and I don’t see anything on Gitlab

Reload the page or clear your cache to ensure you see the latest version of the web page.


Yeah I don’t know what I expected - the latest ISO is up to date so I can’t reproduce it on that. That said, the latest Pamac definitely did fail on the older ISO - If someone wants to test on that ISO version, here’s a direct DL link: https://mirrors.xtom.com/osdn//storage/g/m/ma/manjaro/kde/20.0.3/manjaro-kde-20.0.3-200606-linux56.iso

I’ve marked the below answer as the solution to your question as it is by far the best answer you’ll get.

The bug in Pamac’s update still exists, it just doesn’t happen if you don’t run the update. Falav’s comment was just the solution to me testing on a later Manjaro release, not Pamac itself

Thank you for your feed-back.

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