[BUG report] Nvidia + Linux-latest?

Hi, I have seen already 3 cases on the forums where a system update has led to an unbootable system. The combination seems to be the linux-latest and nvidia drivers. I’m not sure of the details because I suppose not every possible combination causes the problem, but definitively there is something there.

Problem comes from kernel 5.7 to 5.8 update

The ones I’ve seen:

Is there something that can be done to prevent more cases? And something to learn for the future?


For most of them I have seen the issue was because they had some packages holding back the update (like cuda, nvtop, linux-latest, linux-lts, things like that, or even custom Kernels).

Not sure of all the possible cause of users having issues but around me, everyone had no issues, by having the LTS or latest Kernel (but not the packages linux-latest or linux-lts), and Nvidia 450. I guess most of the issues here are in part because user doesn’t do things properly. For example I see people issuing command to manually install individual nvidia packages instead of using the appropriate method build in the OS like in KDE System Settings. Or people who see there is an issue during update and reboot without thinking twice…

Maybe there is an issue somewhere in the update process, but I think lot of the issues are not directly tied to Manjaro.

Yeah, I can’t be sure is it a pebkac or a real problem. I also use Nvidia and the latest kernel (but not the mentioned packages) without problems. But some cases seems to be people that understand enough not to make simple mistakes.

In any case, is something to learn here (for devs) to make updates easier for users?

I don’t have any problems with booting using the latest kernel and nvidia drivers, I will mention that after updating to the latest nvidia drivers(?) hibernation seems to act funky, it will boot to a black screen once in a while but other times it boots fine.

I think most of the issues are related in a way.

I also updated a few days ago and heck after boot I could not get into i3.
Since I boot into text mode by default I could see that the issue was that it could not find the graphical drivers.

It seems that with a kernel update the correct (in my case) nvidiadrivers dont install by default, so after installing them I could boot into i3.

I just wonder what the reason is that these drivers don’t install by default.

Hey guys. As 1 of the people affected by this issue thought I would just mention 1 thing I remembered.

After installing my manjaro I used the GUI to install the nvidia drivers when there weren’t any present on the OS. Other then that I always do my updates / upgrades by pacman -Syu. I don’t know if this info is helpful or not but figured I’d bring it up.