[bug report] [jami-daemon] error while loading shared libraries: libfmt.so.8


jami-daemon 20220722-4 requires libfmt.so.8 to start. However, the libfmt.so.9.1.0 library is installed. The developer states that jami is compatible with libfmt.so.9 and uses libfmt.so.9 by default. There may have been a problem choosing the libraries at compile time.

I am using Linux manjaro 5.19.11-3-MANJARO-ARM.

jami-daemon was still working a few months ago. I guess it stopped working when updating to fmt 9.0.0-1 or 9.1.0-1.

Additional info:

Steps to reproduce:

$ jami
jami-qt: error while loading shared libraries: libfmt.so.8: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

jami-daemon is a package we get from Arch Linux ARM, which in turn gets it from Arch Linux.

The exact same package versions and build dates are in Arch. Does it work in Arch?

Arch will always say that, when they can see you are not running Arch.

In any case, it’s not a package set we maintain.

jami-daemon 20220722-4 requires libfmt.so.8 to start.

It doesn’t. It requires libfmt.so.9 (checked on arch).

Is your system updated? This kernel is few weeks old, but then again I’m not using manjaro arm, so I don’t know where that branch is at this moment.

The kernel is up to date with our stable branch. So I assume the rest is up to date too.

I just pushed 20220722-4.1 to the stable branch, which is just a rebuild of the package against stable branch.

I did the same with 20220722-4.2 for testing and unstable branches.

Let me know if that works.


The update fixed the problem. Thanks a lot! Extraordinary responsiveness. Fixed a bug in less than 4 hours, that’s really fast!

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