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I believe I found a bug in network manager. I can reproduce the behavior in two different computers both having Manjaro i3 edition, but I suspect that it may not be distro/wm dependent. The issue is the pre-shared key for WireGuard peer is not saved unless “Save this password for all users” is selected. In other words, if “Save this password only for this user” is selected, it won’t save it. Where is the right place to report it?


i3 doesn’t come with a password manager like gnome-keyring or kwallet. You may need to manually install and configure one before it can save the password for your user only.

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Great point, I didn’t think about that. Do you by any chance know one that would play well with network manager (NM) and launch when needed? I use KeePassXC but I am not sure how to get it launch through NM.

Never mind. I figured Kwallet can be used for this purpose. It would still be nice though for network manager to display an error message when this is attempted without an available password/wallet manager. I would appreciate if someone can point me to the right direction for a feature request.

My guess would be:

Because it’s their software that’s not reporting the error…


I would respectfully disagree since the field to input the preshared key (psk) is in the network manager. The involvement of wireguard in the process is truly limited to key generation; otherwise the client defines the peer/server through network manager, not any wireguard tool. That is where the tunnel is defined.

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See Issues · NetworkManager / NetworkManager · GitLab

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