[Bug?] No OOTB BT Headset control support on KDE Minimal + fix

Hey. Recently I've switched to KDE Minimal through installing .ISO with Manjaro 20.0 (so not so latest one). Before I've been using Xfce Minimal version since febuary.

To my surprise after clean install of KDE minimal, controls on my BT headset were not working. I could not pause or switch tracks through my headset while connected via BT, but I could do that while on minimal Xfce installation, and probably from the begining AFAIK. Only volume control worked. Also I have confirmed in media player (Clementine) that inputs from headset were not registered at all while trying to re-asign them to function.

Of course upon looking at Arch Wiki, I discovered that all I was missing was bluez-utils https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bluetooth_headset and all worked well again, even without reboot.

I understand that "minimal" might mean different things for different people, but I do not remember having such problem with Xfce, so I consider that maybe it's worth including it with .ISO so other folks will not have problems. Since Manjaro is sooo user-friendly distro, it's just my 2 cents to make it more friendly to newcomers.

That's about it. First post, trying to be constructive ofc. Not sure where such remarks should go.


Is not delivered with KDE Plasma main ISO either. XFCE has a different way to deal with bluetooth and has that package installed by default. It offers some development and debugging utilities that most people don't use, some people do, or some devices require one of those utilities to properly work. Probably it could be included in the ISO ...

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