Bug: libwnck3 40.0-1 resizes workspace switcher

libwnck3 3.36.0-1:
workspace switcher is like 65 pixels wide per workspace box.

libwnck3 40.0-1:
It shrinks to around 30 pixels per box.

I download the PKGBUILD for this package from arch package site.
makepkg -o to download the source, modify /src/libwnck/libwnck/pager.c
look for line around 220, find the line
pager->priv->workspace_size = 16;
change 16 to 38

save it and then go back to the PKGBUILD
makepkg -e to build the modified source.

after installing the build package and kill mate-panel, my workspace size is back.

note: you may need to use makepkg -s to install required dependencies.

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