[BUG] Installer

Hi, I am a complete Linux newbie but I’m sure this one was Manjaro’s fault.

I was installing Manjaro a few times that day (LTE iso) and what once happened was that even though I checked the box that sets the superuser’s password the same as normal (root) user password (or vice versa), I could login to su but my whole file-system had f**ked up permissions and my user (sudo [command]) account was giving me incorrect password error whenever I tried to login to it (even though I could login to superuser), when I changed the user account 's password via superuser, normal user started working but the system files still had messed up permissions so I had to reinstall the OS once again.

So, as my English is bad asf, I’ll write this too:

  • Superuser had correct password
  • Normal user always showed incorrect password error even though I’m 1 0 0% sure that I checked the box that sets the password same as su’s.
  • OS permissions were messed up (I’m sure every single permission was bad because I couldn’t run something I installed from AUR which normally should work (and it works perfectly fine now, it’s just that I’m reporting the bug after some time))

Open a Terminal,
Login as root and change password for the User:

$ su root
# passwd <username>

As I already said in the thread, I already did that but the problems were the permissions that stayed messed up after that :slight_smile: