BUG - grub for memtest is wrong

boot from iso file, select “Memory Test”, got error same as /t/98117

error: file /boot/Memory not found

boot from iso - select “Memory Test” - press e ,
change /boot/$1 to /boot/memtest,
press F10, memtest works fine.

iso file: manjaro-xfce-21.3.7-220816-linux515.iso

to fix it
chang the grub.cfg line 114 from

menuentry --class=memtest --hotkey=m “Memory Test” {linux16 /boot/$1}

menuentry --class=memtest --hotkey=m "memtest" {linux16 /boot/$1}
menuentry --class=memtest --hotkey=m "Memory Test" {linux16 /boot/memtest}


Which memtest packages do you have installed? For EFI systems, all you need is memtest86+-efi or memtest86-efi. I recommend the former.

pacman -Qs memtest

He mentioned he is using the ISO, thus the one installed in the ISO :wink:

Thanks, I’m aware. We just made changes to the included packages recently, so it’s dependent on the ISO he’s using. Previously it was only memtest, however memtest86+-efi is now included.

perhaps the answer is already inside :slight_smile: