Budgie Won't Change Background Picture

In Settings>Background when “Add Picture” is clicked my Pictures folder opens and lists all the pictures and subdirectories there however when I click on a picture it will not activate it as the new background (or at all). Otherwise, double click on a picture opens it in GThumb without any problem.

I did install a new WM to try out briefly but have now removed it entirely. Could that have switched something?

Probably something weird about budgie only liking system files like in /usr/share/backgrounds/ … put stuff there and maybe watch it work ?

Perhaps. Previously it was always able to use a picture from any chosen folder. In any case, the picture I want to use as background is already in /usr/share/backgrounds/manjaro-budgie.

If recommended standard solutions fail,

  1. Find folder for default background jpgs with commandline:
    find / -xdev 2>/dev/null -name "backgrounds"
  2. Copy *-default.jpg into home directory for future reference;
  3. Copy custom .jpg into the *-default.jpg file you just copied, keeping its name.

May getting overwritten back by relevant display updates.

Don’t necrobump. :wink: