Budgie 22 linux61 Live USB - no graphic nor shell


I try to boot lastest budgie version and I’m stuck on starting some systemd services (wpa supplicant is the last one)
I tried with xfce linux65 and it boots like a charm
Is there a way to download budgie ISO with linux65 ?
Or is there a way to get a shell at boot time in order to start lightdm or debug ?

I am using an hydrib intel+radeon GPU laptop
I was able to boot Fedora budgie spin and other distros as well

Welcome to the forum! :wave:

The latest Community ISOs (including Budgie) haven’t quite made it to our download page yet. You can find the latest here under Releases:

Thank you @Yochanan

This was a quick answer: awesome !

This one is booting fine !

It was not obvious that both z01 and zip files must be downloaded.
(I never saw z01 before… I am used to deal with par files when splitting)
Perhaps a word in the readme could help

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