BTRFS swap file size change

I just reinstalled Manjaro KDE to take advantage of btrfs and so far I’m loving it. I choose to let the installer decide the size of the swap file, and my measly system with 6 gb ram quickly fills up the 512 mb chosen. My question is, can I enlarge the swap file easily or do I have to remove it and create a new one? Any special considerations or can I just follow the Arch wiki?

ALWAYS do that as is the best source for all the technical linux questions & answers. :wink:


I removed the old swap, created a new one following the Arch wiki, and lo and behold, it worked.

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There are some cases where it’s wrong for particular Manjaro-specific caveats, like the Nvidia driver xorg configuration file, which is in an mhwd.d subdirectory instead of where it would be on an Arch system. Overall though, this advice is usually right.