BTRFS install with backups for root and @home

I just did a fresh install on my new computer from using FerenOS. I was a Mint user for years, but missed KDE and wanted something else. With Ubuntu being shady I decided to try Manjaro and absolutely love it. While I was looking up tips for Manjaro I also found some videos for setting up Arch for btrfs with backups on @/ and @home. I found one for Manjaro that I used (link below) which works great, but only does backups for root. How do I do backups for @home? I can do a fresh format and install if needed, I just want to get it up and working. This system uses snapper.

I am excited for the switch to Manjaro. Debian was getting kinda old and Manjaro and Arch seem to have a lot more to play with.

OK, it won’t let me post the video, but it is a video by The Duck Channel titled: Manjaro 21.0 with btrfs + snapper + grub-btrfs

I am using btrfs with 2 configurations for @ and @home

When using Snapper, you only need to create an additional configuration for @home with Snapper.

After my first rollback I decided to change the layout of my btrfs volume. Originally I had a “nested layout”.
But that’s too complicated in my opinion for the rollback. Now I have a flat layout. It’s very easy then.

In the following links you will find the reasons and how to do it:

You find good Information about Btrfs in the wiki

and in

Well guess I still have a lot to learn about btrfs. Still not sure what a nested layout is vs a flat one. My install was stock besides the @snapshots setup that was configured in the video.

Right now I just reinstalled Manjaro and used Timeshift to manage it. I now have a back of @/ and @home. I guess it will work just fine for what I need.

You may find answers at snapper-rollback@github and at snapshot-layout@wiki.archlinux for the suggested flat layout and the reasoning.