BSPWM Issues: Failed to Start Display Manager, Locking screen

Hi, Does anyone know how can I boot directly instead of using tty and typing “startx” because there was two errors at the start and one of them is “Failed to Start Display Manager”
Other thing is I want to lock my screen and use the hibernate feature. How can I do these?

Is this bspwm edition or a custom setup? Minimal or full?

Bspwm edition. There wasn’t any minimal edition and it has some pre-installed applications so I think it is full installation.

I notice something interesting today. If I suspend the machine and open it again once, my function and F key command would be activated. (Caps Lock button light too)

Yes there is. :slightly_smiling_face: But using the full one is probably a good idea.


Systemctl restart lightdm

And see what error you get.

There was no error when I execute the command: “systemctl restart lightdm” it restarted quickly and showed up the login screen.
Maybe I shouldn’t spend much time to solve minor issues

If you want autologin, disable lightdm and run the script


It should have an option for autologin.