Browsers rendering issue (except Firefox)

Hello, I have a very strange problem with Manjaro gnome, in every browser except Firefox. Quote texts are not displayed in every website, it is like white space and not active to copy it too. I attach a screenshot.
System is updated. Also tried from live usb and the problem still is there. I have dual gpu , intel hd 530 and radeon r7 370. I tried with both gpu too, same problem. The problem is there in Chrome, Chromium, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, also tried flathub version of chrome, same problem. Another strange problem i have with all those browsers except Firefox is with wordpress admin area, in the appearance → menu, when i go to custom menu url, the field is inactive. I tried with in many websites with different wordpress versions, without luck. This problem is not present in windows and mac os browsers. I would appreciate any help.