Browser Hard lag

Currently, I am using Vivaldi as my default.
I am getting a lot of lag while using Vivaldi, like my mouse work slow when I am on browser and typing too.
I tried changing the kernel but still the same.
Let me know if need any more info
thank you

Does this occur with other software/browsers? Please post a bit more information about your system: I am not a Vivaldi user, but in settings is there a hardware acceleration setting that can be disabled?

Only with other browsers
hardware acceleration is enabled
System info:-
Ryzen 3550h
gtx 1650
1tb hdd

My browser becomes laggy when removing my charger.
my mouse and typing both acting slow.
I am facing this issue with browsers only this includes Vivaldi and firefox

I was asking for you to try to use the browser with hardware acceleration disabled to see if that makes a difference. In Firefox:
Settings-General-Performance- uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”

My mouse become stable but the webpage lag hard after disabling hardware acceleration

Please post inxi output as requested in earlier post.