Browser Framedrops (Manjaro, YouTube)


I have a problem with my browsers. Everything worked fine till i did latest Manjaro updates yesterday.
Now i have the problem, that YouTube videos are quite choppy (around 50% of all frames are dropped according to youtubes “statistics for geeks”). Even the Manjaro website has quite some choopy animation on load.

The graphics card i must admit is quite old … it is an XFX passive cooled Radeon HD 5450? something like that. It is in there, as my brother needed a graphics card for his new PC and i let him use my Vega64 for now. He cannot afford actual graphics card prices.

I’d guess some hardware acceleration is now not used anymore? Or do i just now notice the choppy videos :(?

MfG Algo

Some information about my system:
Well i would add info but is new forum software thinks an inxi output has some kind of Link inside which i’m not allowed to post :(. And it seems i cannot attach files too? … well sorry :(.
EDIT: inxi info:

Hi @Algo,

Perhaps you can use Pastebin for logs and/or for screenshots, although screenshots aren’t recommended.

The hardware acceleration not being available also makes a huge di8ffference. Have you tried disabling it in the browser. to see what effect that has?

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Well pastebin won’t work as i’m not yet allowed to post links … but now i’m confused … i DEactivated hardware accelleration and now it works fine … no framedrops anymore even in 4K :astonished: :crazy_face:. Well i have to check it later again but all i did was deactivating hardware accelleration in Firefox settings.

  1. To paste links now, paste them surround them wi8th a single backtick (`). That’ll cause the links to be rendered like this,, making them much easier to work with.

  2. That actually makes sense, since now Firefox isn’t trying to give the GPU something it can’t do.

OK here we go if it helps in any way … although my problem seems to be solved:
inxi iformation:

Perfect for the future!

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