Browser extension popup size is incorrect for all extensions

Hey everyone, I recently noticed that google-chrome’s extension popup windows are kind of broken for me. Today I was planning to switch to Brave and noticed that it is having the same issue, so I started to wonder if that is based on my OS or a chromium-based issue.

Here are some screenshots to show what I am talking about:

What it looks like in Google-chrome:


This is what it looks like in Brave:

Has anyone experienced this bug? Any idea where this comes from?

Have a nice day :wave:t5:

You can check if it is browser config related if you create new (browser) user profile.

I tried it in Brave but the new profile has the same problem it seems :frowning:

just to keep this alive, i’m adding more info that I have observed:

recently the extension popups had the correct size. for a day or so. now it is broken again, like in the screenshots.

I’ll try to observe what could be the cause. I do update very regularly since chrome has updates every now and then. since brave is also affected it doesn’t seem to be connected to updates?
I have also restarted the machine a couple of times now but currently the extension popups remain broken.

I’ll keep my eyes open.

Please see if it is at all related to the gpu/shader cache

for i in {Shader,GPU}; do find ~/.config -name *"$i"Cache*; done

Any resulting files in brave, chrome, etc should be safe to delete (or move/backup if you like).

$ for i in {Shader,GPU}; do find ~/.config -name *"$i"Cache*; done
zsh: no matches found: *ShaderCache*
zsh: no matches found: *GPUCache*

no such files unfortunately

I think I figured out when it is broken and when it is not broken.

When I’m using an external display, it is broken. When I don’t have anything connected to the laptop, and I use the default display, it works.

So what could be the difference?

I quickly nailed it down to kanshi. I use kanshi to scale the external 4k display by a factor of 1.8.
I played around with the scaling value, restarting kanshi in-between to see the effect. When I remove scaling, the extension popup works as intended. When I start increasing the scaling factor, the popup will be fine till 1.5.

When I try 1.6, the popup will now be broken (not as bad as in the screenshots, but it starts going into that direction).

This is my observation so far. I don’t have a solution yet.

Edit: Actually not related to kanshi but the scaling factor itself. Scaling can also be done through wdisplays for example. Added “wayland” to the first post as a tag.

I think restarting sway seems to fix this issue. I can confirm next time I’m connected to an external display and this issue rises again.

I can now confirm that restarting sway fixes this issue.

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