Browse Network Locations Within an Application

I haven’t used Linux much, so forgive my ignorance…

I installed Manjaro XFCE today, opened Handbrake, and tried to import my custom presets, which are located on a samba share.
There was no way of navigating to a network location from the file browser window that popped up from Handbrake.
I can access my network locations from the default file browser, so I could just copy the files to a local directory, but I’d like to know how to get around this inconvenience…
Do I need to ‘map network drive’ or something??

You need to create GTK bookmarks that point to the network share(s). These will show up in the GTK file selector dialog window.

The same applies to the Qt file picker. (Create a bookmark to the share.)

You can also use symlinks in your own home folder.

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