Brother Printer Trouble

I have the HL-L2700DW. I noticed that in the GNOME printer manager in the settings app that my system could detect it, but when I tried to add it I immediately received the error message “Failed to add new printer”. When I try to add it in the CUPS config at localhost:631 I can get as far as the final Add Printer screen, but clicking the Add Printer button does nothing.

So I installed the package from the AUR. It still didn’t work. I’ve read that it’s broken. I uninstalled it.

What should I try next?

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Hello and welcome,

That model usually goes by MFC-L2700DW.

What package?

I installed the brother-mfc-l2700dw package.

Maybe this could help: Brother MFC-L2700DW Print driver - Applications - EndeavourOS (second post).

Or maybe this page: Printer: Brother MFC-L2700DW | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation