Brother MFC-L8900CDW gets discovered and setup but can't print

I have a Brother MFC-L8900CDW printer on my network.

I can print to from other machines on the network (Mac, Fedora) but I can’t print my my Manjaro laptop running kernel 6.6.25 and KDE Plasma 5.27.11.

I have the Brother print drivers from AUR installed and have CUPS and Avahi running.

The printer is detected in both KDE printer settings as well as CUPS (localhost:631) and I can setup the printer in both with no issue.

However, any attempt to print results in the following message in the print queue:
“Unable to locate printer “BRN3C2AF4034572.local”.”

Hoping someone can help guide me in the right direction.


Hi @Who_Doctor ,
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I wonder whether you could read this post in order to solve your problem. The man who wrote the post also has a link to the Arch Wiki page, were you can also read as the main reference.
Network Printers Discovery in Arch Linux | Lorenzo Bettini

There is also a three years old post in the forum.
Network printer not detected correctly with Manjaro Gnome

Hope it help, regards

Thank you. I appear to have all the configs setup per both of those articles, and I’m still getting the same error… :frowning_face:

Looks like the avahi-daemon is not enabled.

sudo systemctl enable --now avahi-daemon

I am using a HL-L8260CDW - connected using WiFi and ipp - no problems.

My connection string - yours will likely have a different uuid


Just a thought, after setting up did you try and print a test page from the setup dialogue? Also, I found that restarting after setting up worked for me. (Brother MFC-J4625DW)
Same discovery after setting up for scanning, a restart was required to enable.

Thank you. I have setup avahi previously and it should be set to run at start. I ran the command above again just to be sure. Same issue with the error message in the print queue:
“Unable to locate printer BRN3C2AF034572.local”.

Thank you. I did try to print a test page but got the same error as above

OK, maybe something that will help.

After sitting here for a while (~5 minutes) with a job in the print queue, the job did finally print. Obviously the delay is not ideal.

What could I troubleshoot that might explain the gap between requesting a print job, getting the error that the printer can’t be located, to eventually printing the job?

[EDIT #1] I just printed a test page and same behavior…~5 minute delay from initiating the print job until getting printed

[EDIT #2] I noticed that the printer test page didn’t look right (weirdly spaced text, etc.) and saw that the printer driver was set to ‘raw printer’. I’ve since changed it to the Brother MFC -L8900CDW driver and sent another document to print. This document is a MS Word doc. It gives the error message in the print queue for about 3 minutes then disappears. The job shows up under Completed jobs with 0 pages (and nothing printed)

Thank you!

As a Brother printer user, sometimes the *.local URI does not work well.

Add the Printer manually and use IPP,

Here is an example of one of my printers, change your ip address accordingly, note “BINARY_P1” is service #2 in your printer and be sure to set reserve your IP address for the printer so that it does not change:

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Thank you. Here’s what I have setup now (using IPP). I’ve also restated (just to rule out anything else). Actually it appears I can’t embed the screen shot in this post.

So using a URIl of ipp://
And Brother MFC-L8900CDW Cups driver

Printing now results in the print job being sent, nothing happening, and then the print job showing as completed with 0 pages.