Brother MFC J430W wifi

Please I have downloaded Manjaro 20.2 Nibia I have a printer Brother as above how do I install It ? Manjaro only says in the printer option print to PDF ? Any help Please.

Hi, Have you tried adding the printer in settings, add printer?

when I done add printer that you can see the name of the printer In those two boxes address and cue ? what should I add?
I tried to load the image but itwouldn’t let me.

printer MFC-430W it says printer inactive what should I do to make it work ? thank you

I wante to up load an image of the problem but it will not let me.

Check out the printer settings.

There is a driver for your printer in the AUR. Did you try to download it?
To download the driver, first make sure that yay is installed. Open the terminal and type:
sudo pacman -S yay

Once yay is installed, download the driver for your printer as follows, open a terminal window and type:
yay -S brother-mfc-j430w
… and follow the prompts on screen. Good luck!

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