Brother HL1110 printer - no driver can be installed

Brother HL1110 printer no driver can be installed

If trying to install driver with Manjaro
Manjaro recommend 7 different HL1070-drivers that do not work.

From the Brother support site, I downloaded driver hl1110lpr-3.0.1-1.i386.deb and hl1110cupswrapper-3.0.1-1.i386.deb

I have converted the packages with debtap to …tar.gz files

and tried with

sudo pacman  -U    packname.tar.gz  

to install these but received:

...architecture not valid
...package has no valid architecture

in Debian/Ubuntu it just works.

Is there any similar method in Manjaro or any other solution ?

Take a look at the link below. The .deb method is most straight forward:

HL-1110 - that is a printer which have I worn out several drum kits with. :slight_smile:

Manjaro does not recommend any drivers - you have probably found them on AUR.

Remove any packages you have experimented with and build the above package.

pamac build brother-hl1118

I am using a old brother as well - HL-2240D and it requires special attention too.


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Please read this:

Especially the section How to install software? as installing .deb files opens your system up to something called dependency hell…


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