Brother HL-L2390DW Scanning

I was able to install the Brother-HLL2390dw CUPS AUR to get printing working at a basic level, but when I try to scan with Skanlite it does not recognize the scanner. It is connected via USB. I have also installed the barscan2 AUR and it is still not working yet.

I am running the latest Manjaro 24.0.2, Linux Kernal, Plasma Desktop, Intel CPU and an nVidia GPU.

I am a relitive noob when it comes to Linux so please be gentile :slight_smile:

Hi @mi1stormilst, and welcome!

I’d suggest you download the Scanner drivers here:

The .deb version.

And then follow:

…to get it installed.

Hope this helps!

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Then you should probably be using Ubuntu (or flavor like Mint) or Fedora.

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There is also debtap — from the AUR — which does the whole package conversion for you. :wink:


brscan4 from the AUR doesn’t work?

In terminal:

pamac build brscan4

Take a look here:

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I was about to say the same.
When comparing the name of the driver on the Brother download site
with what the AUR package brscan4 uses -
it is that same driver that the AUR package uses

AUR (en) - brscan4

there is also the brscan-skey tool - to use the scanner by the press of the button, not just from software


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