Brother HL 1110 does not work with driver from AUR

Hello ! Due to hardware changes i am almost forced to use a Distro with most actual software especialy the kernel. I have been using Manjaro for a long time on my notebook and i am very exited by the inovative functions.
Just i can not fully swap to Manjaro all my hardware because my printer does not work.
I installed this driver brother-hl1118 from AUR but it does not work. I tested with endeaveros OS the same driver and there it is funny but it works because it installed a 32 bit libary which i do not remember anymore.
Can anyone help me with the correct install this driver then i would switch from fedora 33 back to manjaro because fedora is only my emergency-distro.
Thanks for help !

Almost every Brother laser printer I have had my hands on works with a standard hp laserjet 4 driver.

I am using a HL2240 which doesn’t work with drivers from AUR.

Long time ago I found a workaround which I have forked to my archive - you are welcome to try the instructions - they are found at - I think they are close enough for your printer too.

There are two in the AUR, an LPR version and a CUPS wrapper version, did you try them both?

I don’t remember - but I think so.

Since a long time I am just using the setup from my archive :slight_smile: I have no need for trying other drivers when I have the archive :slight_smile:


Which DE are you using…
Is CUPS installed and running? ( sudo systemctl status org.cups.cupsd.service )
Which protocol are you trying to set up the printer with?

The question is why does EndevourOS work and Manjaro not.
And CUPS is installed out of the box.

Great first post. You can wait for someone who uses both Manjaro and EndevourOS to answer that or ask it in their forums.

EndeavourOS is straight up Arch with a few convenience scripts added.

All CUPS related stuff and AUR are exactly the same for Arch and Manjaro.

So either you tell us what you know or you are just trolling - and trolling is not allowed.

So a friendly heads up - watch your steps carefully or you get kicked.

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I was there. With Manjaro it does not work. period.
You can formulate more friendly and don’t presume someone is trolling.
It’s not so hard to install lib32-glibc and the brother driver. But it does not work.

I am presuming nothing - but you open an account and your first comment is an unfounded claim - which you care not to elaborate.

My printer is a Brother HL2040D.

I am using Manjaro as my primary system - and my printer needs the PPD files linked above and it does no matter which Arch based system I use.

I am using EndeavourOS on one of my systems - and my printer needs the exact same setup as on Manjaro.

I am using Arch on yet another of my systems - and my printer needs the exact same setup as on Manjaro.

So your claim is an unfounded claim - and my comment that it could be seen as trolling - is a friendly advice - that trolling is not acceptable behavior on the forum.

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I agree with you… this is a troll!

Hello and thank you for those many answers. In the next days i will install manjaro on my productive desktop again and i will report you about the exact logs or errormessages. Cups i used those version which is installed in manjaro XFCE-current version, current updates. Recently this was in 10/2020.
Thanks for you help in advantage guys !