Brother DCP-L2512L - Driver installed, printer detected, print job sent -> doesn't print

As it says on the tin, I was able to install the driver through the CUPS settings applet (system-config-printer).
Installed the driver via AUR (AUR (en) - brother-dcp-l2510d) then selected the PPD file manually from it’s path (I could not find the printer in the list, so I selected “Provide PPD file” )

Tried to print the Test page under the Printer’s properties: display of the printer lights up saying “Receiving Data”. Then after a few seconds, it returns to main screen, and nothing happens.

Here’s the info on the job if it’s of any use:

The status for the job shows as “Completed”

Tried to look around to see if there are clues as to why the printer’s not priting:

$ lpinfo -v
network lpd
network socket
direct usb://Brother/DCP-L2510D%20series?serial=E78274C0N983652
file cups-brf:/
network https
network http
network beh
network ipp
network ipps
network smb

$ lpstat -d -p
system default destination: Brother-DCP-L2510D-series
printer Brother-DCP-L2510D-series is idle.  enabled since Tue 08 Nov 2022 19:55:54 EET
$ lpstat -t
scheduler is running
system default destination: Brother-DCP-L2510D-series
device for Brother-DCP-L2510D-series: usb://Brother/DCP-L2510D%20series?serial=E78274C0N983652
Brother-DCP-L2510D-series accepting requests since Tue 08 Nov 2022 19:45:56
printer Brother-DCP-L2510D-series is idle.  enabled since Tue 08 Nov 2022 19:45:56

Trying to print something via the terminal:

$ lp -d Brother-DCP-L2510D-series file.pdf 
request id is Brother-DCP-L2510D-series-19 (1 file(s))

Again, nothing gets printed. I only see something flashing in the task notification area, and nothing else.

Anyone have any idea what I could try next?

Is it a wireless printer? It happened something similar to me on my Brother DCP-J105… what I did was changing from device-uri path to printer-uri path on the printer settings (Device URI); click on Change and put the printer-uri path and see what happens.

Hi @andoru ,
I wonder whether you could read the following link, in order to solve the problem.

GitHub - pdewacht/brlaser: Brother laser printer driver

Hope it help, regards

It’s connected via USB, I hate wireless stuff with a passion, reliability sucks on those :crazy_face:. Thank you for the suggestion, will bookmark this post in case I have issues further down the line.

Thanks! I could not find that package under the Arch repositories, so I compiled it myself.
Removed the installed printer from system-config-printer.
Did not have my printer in the list, but chose the most appropriate one: DCP-L2500D
After adding the printer and printing the test page, it worked on the first try.

Thanks for the suggestion!

EDIT: If anyone has any issues finding their printer on the list, there’s a fork of that project that added a few more supported printers: GitHub - QORTEC/brlaser: Brother laser printer driver

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