Broken Laptop Microphone

I just switched from windows to manjaro and have really no Idea why, but my microphone stopped working after switching my operating system.
Help would be appreciated!

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Please post response to this command to show more information about your system

inxi -Fazy

And this to show information about audio devices

sudo --upload

Funny thing is on windows my external headphone microphone didn’t work but my laptop mic did, now it is the other way around, thanks for your help but my headphone mic is better anyways

I am marking your comment as the solution because this is the best answer IMO:

my headphone mic is better anyways

Most external microphones would be better than internal digital microphone arrays on laptops.
A headset microphone is closer to the sound source you want to capture (your voice) so it would be less likely to have problems with background noise

Laptop Internal microphones are intended to pick up all sound in the whole room, to support Cortana on proprietary OS. Linux has support for internal microphone arrays but does not support audio processing functions within the audio device. The Internal microphone array would need additional processing software to sound similar to the other OS

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