Broken Home Folder Permissions

Hi, yesterday i had a problem with permissions, i can’t write to home partition and suddenly the home directory was put into read-only mode, i’m suspecting it could be a file system error, when i rebooted Manjaro the permissions returned, but after a few minutes they left again. I tried to fix it on my own but it only gets worse, now the desktop doesn’t even start and i only have the TTY terminal, and i changed the execute permissions of the home directory inadvertently.
I don’t know what to do now, but i need to restore my home folder permissions to default, before yesterday the system worked without any issues.

Quick and dirty fix… :arrow_down:

sudo chmod +x ${HOME}
find ~/. -type d -exec chmod u+r,u+x '{}' \;

However, permissions don’t just change all by themselves, so you likely have a more serious problem on your hands. Either you’ve got filesystem corruption going on, or your drive is starting to fail.

Yep, was a file system corruption, i don’t know what caused it, but i suspect may be my drive, because something similar happened to me a few months ago but on Windows 10., this hard drive has it’s years.

Better start making backups then if you hadn’t until now. :wink:

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