Broken dependencies: libpamac

I recently switched to unstable branch to get newer Plasma quicker and then went back to testing.

I noticed that some unstable update pulled archlinux-appstream-data-pamac from AUR which was super weird, but I was too busy to pay attention. It also installed libpamac.

Now I want to update libpamac, and it requires a newer version of this package which won’t build (some build error). I’m sure that something went wrong and this package shouldn’t be needed but when I want to remove it, it pulls many packages with it like: pamac-gtk, discover, manjaro-hello and others.

Then I realized, I can replace it with archlinux-appstream-data from repo, so I did, no problems.
The harder nut to crack is libpamac which came from AUR, which sounds also wrong. I did some digging and pamac-common should provide the same things, so I want to install it but… since many packages require either libpamac or its equivalent (pamac-common), they must be uninstalled first.

This is a mess. I can’t replace simply libpamac with pamac-common without uninstalling many packages. How it was even possible that it installed instead pamac-common? If one way was doable, then the other way should to.

Any idea how to fix it?


Install packages not from the AUR. Use the official packages which are libpamac and archlinux-appstream-data. pamac-common was dropped. Go to Manjaro - Branch Compare and search for pamac.

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Testing : n/a

OK, got it. It installed from unstable repo. Since I switched to testing, it’s no longer present, so pacman finds its AUR version. The update I see is from AUR, so I should simply ignore it and wait till libpamac shows up in testing.

Only switch back to testing when we moved the unstable there. It is not good to do partly updates. Especially due to pacman 6.0 changes.


OK, thanks for the info. Now it’s all clear. I didn’t expect some package could exist in unstable but not in testing, hence the confusion and update pulling it from AUR.

That’s the point of unstable to begin with, you should take it for granted from now on. And the funny thing is you were participating in the unstable thread already, knowing there are issues with pacman 6.0 and libalpm, your mistake was to switch again to testing. Unstable is not a toy.

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Sure, but there is no safe point where you can return to testing, or at least not without super careful reading and analyzing things happening in development. So whenever I would switch to testing, this could happen. I’m at least a bit wiser by a new experience :wink: .

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