Broken Audio and brightness controls after Stable Update 2023-10-13

after updating today, I can’t change the audio or brightness

I’m using the default theme:
Application Style: Breeze
Plasma Style: Breath
Window Decorations: Breeze

  • I was using Lightly before the update and while updating, after the update and the issue appeared, I switched to the details I mentioned above, but Lightly still installed
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Are you using Kvantum? Don’t remember Breeze or Breath being so transparent. Or did you set that in Desktop Effects?
You seem to have v high temps somewhere too?
I remember using this disks’ temperature widget Thermal Monitor Thermal Monitor - KDE Store (“fixed version”) [EDIT: ok now I don’t know which it was] in the beginning of this year and for me its high CPU consumption.
Remove it from Panel and reboot just to rule it out?

EDIT: This widget I’m linking above was uploaded not even 4 weeks ago. Maybe you’re using something else/ outdated?

I also think that widgets could be the problem here, because my Themes are all from KDE stores and i never run into issues with them.

But i read a few Topics where people run into issues because of widgets.

Transparency effect is fine for my desktop too.

Thanks @Kobold and @1efaf7d71a8637c6800a.
after removing the thermal monitor widget and restarting everything is okay.
this is the one I was using:

I think the temps were not high, that’s the normal temperature since I bought the laptop, I’m from Africa, so that is normal

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1770 and 1670 °C ?? :hotsprings:

lol :smile:
That is the fan RPM
the CPU temp: 40°C
the GPU temp: 38°C

Nice background, please share.
(Here is one as well:
Milky Way at Gilgering, Western Australia | Nikon d810a 85mm… | Flickr)

Ok I see and I see that I was using something different back then, no rpms.
Glad I could help from Europe :hugs:

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it’s Safe Landing by Louis Durrant, I think I found it installed out of the box, but you can find it here Reddit - Dive into anything
another good wallpaper :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you very much :pray:

no wonder with last update 6 years ago…
thanks, was actually eyeing @Kobold 's wallpaper

But you do have a different transparency for your audio-control-flip-up…

No idea, whats happend, but somehow uploading this wallpaper isnt possible…

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maybe too big for here? try here or here

The actual wallpaper is obfuscated; it’s a common attempt to prevent downloads. Transparent .gif images were once used to achieve the same result, with the actual wallpaper layered beneath. Trying to drag or otherwise save the image only saves the protective .gif file.

It gives some people peace of mind that their work won’t be stolen quite so easily; or, it may be designed to force registration before downloading – or, it could be something else entirely. Cheers.

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Yeah i think it have canvas protection or something.

The above screenshot isnt in the original resolution… i can try upload somewhere else if you want.

I was double saving the file to evade canvas protection.

Seems to be a normal .jpeg without metadata, thank you.
Get the fullsize or an upscaled version here :wink:

I was explaining an often-used technique; ofcourse that was before he now obviously had success with it. The fact that it’s jpeg is irrelevant. Interesting wallpaper, nonetheless, Cheers.

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Better resolution:

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Thank you that’s the one with the correct dimensions :partying_face: :partying_face:

Ah yeah, allright… better quality also in 4k xD

I was cutting my version for 1440p a little… thats why it had other aspect ratio.

btw.even mine with lower resolution has alot higher details, when you look at the planet…

its somehow alot more crispy than this 4k picture…

Works well with Manjaro colors.

… or, covered by an anchor; with pointer-events: none in the stylesheet.