Broke Workspaces By Removing System Extensions

Hey Guys,

I was trying to do some cleanup and remove some of the ‘system extensions’ that I was not using and now my workspaces (virtual desktops) are no longer working. I don’t see the option to edit them in my settings, so I am guessing one of the default extensions I removed may have killed the workspaces feature.

Anyone have any additional information on what extension controls that and how to reinstall it possibly?

Thanks in advance to everyone for your time and help, it is greatly appreciated!

Broke Workspaces by removing a few ‘system extensions’ under Gnome. Is there a system extension responsible for workspaces, and if so, which one is it so I can reinstall it and get it working again?

No. However, to eliminate the possibility of an extension causing problems, open Extensions, toggle the switch off at the top to disable all of them then logout / login.

Completely unnecessary. Be clear and concise to begin with.

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Noted, thanks @Yochanan !