Brightness Setting

Hi Everyone,
I recently installed Manjaro on a brandnew Ideapad E15 and I’m currently in the process of getting rid of all the small bugs an quirks. Todays Project:

Getting rid of the annoying “Failed to Save/Load backlightbrightness to acpi_video0”- Error my Laptop displayed at every Boot/Shutdown

My Laptop was working fine, with even the brightness keys working after a little bit of tinkering with the Fn-Keys, but the Error message kept showing up at every boot.

After some research i found out there is no video0 folder in /sys/class/backlight/

so I added acpi_backlight=vendor and acpi_osi=linux to my GRUB-File and the error is gone.

Problem is, the Error might be gone, but now i have no controll whatsoever over the backlight brightness. Neither Fn-Buttons, nor the GUI-Slider do anything, and the brightness is set to a permanent Maximum.
I have to wear sunglasses to even write this post.

Can anybody help me fix this? Is there some way to have my controll back, without the return of the Error-Message?

Thanks in advance for your help.

After using acpi_backlight=native everything seems to work.

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