Brightness control and 165hz monitor not working on Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

I’m currently on Manjaro KDE and it’s working well on my device except the two things I mentioned in the title, brightness control and the 165hz display. I’ve looked through all the proposed solutions on this forum as well as other forums but nothing seems to help.
The brightness control key itself is working but neither that or the brightness slider in the Battery and Brightness menu are actually changing the brightness, so it’s just locked on 100%.
The laptop has a 165hz display which refresh rate is not an available option in the settings and xrandr doesn’t see it as a possible rate either.
Output of xrandr:

$ xrandr
Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 2560 x 1600, maximum 16384 x 16384
eDP-1 connected primary 2560x1600+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 345mm x 215mm
2560x1600 60.01*+ 59.99 59.97
2560x1440 59.99 59.99 59.96 59.95
2048x1536 60.00
1920x1440 60.00
1856x1392 60.01
1792x1344 60.01
2048x1152 59.99 59.98 59.90 59.91
1920x1200 60.01 59.88 59.95
1920x1080 60.01 60.01 59.97 59.96 59.93
1600x1200 60.01 60.00
1680x1050 60.01 59.95 59.88
1400x1050 59.98
1600x900 59.99 59.94 59.95 59.82
1280x1024 60.01 60.02
1440x900 60.01
1400x900 59.96 59.88
1280x960 60.00
1440x810 60.00 59.97
1368x768 59.88 59.85
1280x800 60.01 59.99 59.97 59.81 59.91
1280x720 60.01 60.00 59.99 59.86 59.74
1024x768 60.01 60.04 60.00
960x720 60.00
928x696 60.05
896x672 60.01
1024x576 59.95 59.96 59.90 59.82
960x600 59.93 60.00
960x540 59.96 59.99 59.63 59.82
800x600 60.01 60.00 60.32 56.25
840x525 60.01 59.88
864x486 59.92 59.57
700x525 59.98
800x450 59.95 59.82
640x512 60.02
700x450 59.96 59.88
640x480 60.01 60.00 59.94
720x405 59.51 58.99
684x384 59.88 59.85
640x400 59.88 59.98
640x360 59.86 59.83 59.84 59.32
512x384 60.00
512x288 60.00 59.92
480x270 59.63 59.82
400x300 60.32 56.34
432x243 59.92 59.57
320x240 60.05
360x202 59.51 59.13
320x180 59.84 59.32

As the output shows there is no 165hz option. The laptop works with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Zen3 CPU and the corresponding iGPU plus an NVIDIA RTX 3060. As I’m using the computer for coding mostly I don’t really need the nvidia gpu so if any solution includes using only the amdgpu that would be totally fine. Does anyone know how to fix any of the issues?


I’m experiencing similar issues with a Lenovo Legion 7.

I managed to solve the brightness issue by using a kernel parameter:

nano /etc/default/grub

Then adding amdgpu.backlight=0 to the parameters:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=“quiet apparmor=1 security=apparmor udev.log_priority=3 amdgpu.backlight=0

Then updating grub:

sudo update-grub

But I’m experiencing the issue with the refresh rate. Does anyone know how to fix it? Is there a workaround?

Thanks in advance!

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In the meantime I was able to solve the brightness issue as well, I used the same solution as you. However, the refresh rate is still a mystery. After every system update, I’m hoping that it will just appear due to some sort of driver update.

I hope there is someone out there who has one of these machines, got it working, and is willing to share the information with us.

The 165Hz refresh rate can be fixed by setting the graphics mode from “Dynamic” to “Discrete”. This means that the Integrated AMD GPU will not be used at all, but everything will go through the Nvidia GPU. Note that this will increase power consumption.

Sadly I haven’t found a way to make brightness control work on discrete mode.

Dose your Wi-Fi work…

I have similar issues with my Lenovo YOGA 14s (or the YOGA 7 series) about the refresh rate.
Instead of adjustable between 60 and 90Hz, the screen refresh rate is locked at 90Hz, and I have no idea how to fix it :frowning:

Did you managed to get the brightness to work?

hi, legion 5 laptop owner here,
Would you tell me how to set the graphics mode to “Discrete” ?
I think my laptop’s hdmi port is connected to my 3050 Ti graphics card and i would really like to use my external monitor.

I had to replace my wifi card to get wifi to work.
I replaced it with an intel 200ax. and presto wifi is working. the card was only 40$