Bridging a tap device to wifi

So I have been working on this for a few days. I want to play a game on the Dolphin Emulator using its gamecube BBA option for internet play.

It requires a tap0 device named Dolphin0, which needs to be bridged to receive internet. I want to set it up with my wifi card, but have been unsuccessful. I have tried switching to 4addr, tried using iptables and parprouted. All attempts have ended in failure.

I was wondering if anyone had any better ideas I could try? Thanks!

Hello @StevoLime :wink:

Since all Desktops if Manjaro use NetworkManager, I will assume that you use it:

First create a bridge:

nmcli con add \
type bridge \
ifname br0 \
con-name br0

then create a bridge-slave and connect it to your real card and to the created bridge:

nmcli con add \
type bridge-slave \
ifname enp4s0 \
con-name enp4s0 \
master br0

and then create tap0 and connect it to br0:

nmcli con add \
type tun \
ifname tap0 \
con-name tap0 \
slave-type bridge \
master br0 \
mode tap \
owner '1000'

Re: How to create a simple tap0 interface using nmcli