Breeze Theme Transparency different than "original" Breeze Theme?


for quite some (1+ year) time I have been thinking about the Plasma Themes of Manjaro KDE.

If you look at the following screenshots, you will see what I mean by “Transparency different than original”.

Manjaro KDE Breeze-Dark - Live Session (same installed):

KDE Neon Breeze-Dark (and most/all of the other Distros) - Live Session:

Yes, I know that they aren’t technically the same KDE version, however this transparency/theming issue is preset for a very long time now

Changing settings in workspace effects doesn’t come anywhere close than the native breeze-dark theme.

This post is not meant to be pointing out an issue, it’s more like out of a cunfusion post, as finding similar posts with Google lead me to nowhere.

Is this an intended behavior?

Many Greetings


Is not an issue, nor a feature … in order to get why it happens, check Settings > Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects > Translucency and i bet you will see a difference, but that is as a choice by each distro team i guess …

On my end

But guess what? I disable it completely …

Translucency seems to be disabled by both distros by default:

Manjaro KDE:

KDE Neon:

That setting doesn’t seem to have an effect on the transparency of the taskbar / kickoff applet.

Aham. I see. maybe related to Blur then !?!



Guess what I found:

Now Manjaro looks like this:

Case closed I guess xD

Edit: Maybe Manjaro could / should enable it by default, idk

Possible … mine is always disabled :upside_down_face:

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Yes, I find it annoying that it bleeds all the yellow from the background across the settings window under the menu.

Leaving ‘contrast enhancement’ off gives a more subtle effect with the same problem, but more subtle and not annoying.

Having said that, I don’t use Breeze - I have ‘Utterly Round’ plasma style which has a nice amount of opacity (maybe 96% - not sure).

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