Breeze Light Konsole theme

Does anybody know a good Breeze Light Konsole theme? I don’t think there is a Breeze Light theme by default; there is the Breeze theme which is dark. I want a light theme that is consistent and looks like the Breeze Light theme on Kate and Kile. All the other light themes which I know either do not match the Breeze Light apps theme (QT and GTK). There is one theme which is name Breeze Light (not default), but it has the wrong colours for folders and highlighting which are often hard to see on a light background.

Colors can be set manually by way of… :arrow_down:

System SettingsAppearance → Colors

You can select any color scheme, and you can also edit them.

@Aragorn the OP was asking about Konsole themes, not Plasma themes.

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My bad; I had completely forgotten about the ability to set Konsole themes separately. :wink:

I know how to change Konsole themes. I just need a Breeze light matching theme to change to :wink: