Breeze Kwin theme no longer respects the titlebar color

Last night a set of minor desktop changes inexplicably occurred on their own: It was similar to a KDE update except I’m not aware of any taking place and still have the same Plasma version. Most are okay and just required tweaking some things again, but I’m confused about one change: Breeze for Kwin is no longer respecting the Active Titlebar color set by my color scheme, it instead appears to use the background color now. This is breaking existing color configurations and removing the user’s control over the coloring. Is that a bug that will be fixed or a deliberate change?

This screenshot shows the active settings in my own color scheme: Active titlebar is set to a cyan color, yet at the top you can see the titlebar is now gray like the background. The titlebar used to be colored accordingly until just yesterday when this happened.


Thanks for the suggestion! Fortunately it appears this was no longer necessary: An update to the manjaro-kde-settings package just now fixed it, working well again after restarting. And I remember that package was updated yesterday too, so it’s the one that broke the theme: Breeze is its own package so I wasn’t aware those settings could change the appearance, good to keep in mind.

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