Breeze icons arent monochrome if display get's scaled

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As discussed here, it seems like the “Breeze” icon pack(the one used by the Breeze Dark Theme) does behave differently from the Breeze Dark icon pack(the one used by the Breath Dark Theme).

Steps to reproduce e.g. in a live USB environment:

  1. Switch to Breeze (Dark) Theme
  2. Switch display scale above 100%
  3. Icons are not monochrome anymore(when set to 22x22px i.e. the default value)

Works on both X11 and Wayland, however setting the scale to a value below 100% (on Wayland that is possible) doesn’t trigger the unintended behavior.

Expected behavior:
Both Breeze and Breeze Dark icon packs, or all icon packs used by Breath(Dark) and Breeze(Dark), should display monochrome icons in applications such as Dolphin for the default size.
Currently however this is not the case if the display scaling is set to a value above 100%.

Please tell me if you need any additional information.

Seems to just be a size thing.
Which is being augmented by the scale.
You can also right-click on the “Places” area in dolphin and select
Icon Size > Small
Which should produce the monochrome icons.

I assume that might work, although I currently cant force the monochrome icons with that method. The workaround I am using right now is manually applying the Breeze icon pack(although probably not intended).
However I don’t need a workaround directly, I am more interested in reporting bugs and helping them get fixed, I am usually quick with finding workarounds however getting them properly fixed upstream (if it really is a bug) helps more ppl.
But thanks for your quick reply, I hope I am providing a useful contribution as well.

I dont know that it is a bug.
I can reliably make my icons there monochrome or not by selecting a different size for them.
Essentially most icon themes use those monochrome icons with less detail only when the size is small enough.

This is the same theme;

Maybe it is not a bug, however:

  • If I use a different screen scale - above 100% - e.g. 125% the icons of the Breeze Dark theme stop being monochrome for the medium size
    So far so good, maybe that is intended
  • however if that is intended, why do I still get monochrome icons if I use the Breeze icon pack instead, at the same screen scale?

I would expect, either:

  • Both Breeze and Breeze Dark icon packs switch from monochrome to colourful if the screen scale is changed(above 100%)
  • or both Breeze and Breeze Dark icon packs staying with monochrome icons even if the screen scale is changed

(I would prefer the later one since on my screen, 22x22px being monochrome is much more legible, but thats just my opinion both behaviours would make sense.)

But having one icon pack behave differently from the other seems inconsistent, unintended or in other words like a bug IMHO.

(with screen scale im am referring to "right-click on desktop"->configure display->scale)

Apparently already a known bug upstream.
Thx to Plasma Panel transparance is bugged, stays transparent - #20 by medmedin

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