Breaking dependentcy missing libcanberra=0.30+2+gc0620e4-3 ,on new install?

This dependency is missing on fresh install. ‘libcanberra=0.30+2+gc0620e4-3’, cannot update system without it, I guess? How do I get this dependency ? does not download?

Thanks, and if you need new information just ask.


Thank you for the quick response @freggel.doe. I will do as you say. Have a warm nice day. :smiley:

Thanks again @freggel.doe, was able to update no problems. :ok_hand:

I simply unchecked it. :slight_smile:

The bug had been closed. I still didn’t know how to solve the bug.could you please tell me ? I don’t know how to remove libcanberra-gstreamer & lib32-libcanberra-gstreamer. could you please tell me the command ? sorry ,i use manjaro first :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


From the update announcement:

  • You might be blocked updating when using pacman due to some libcanberra packages. Simply remove those packages: sudo pacman -Rdd lib32-libcanberra-pulse lib32-libcanberra-gstreamer libcanberra-pulse libcanberra-gstreamer. We recommend to use pamac anyway, which does this automatically: pamac update

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