Breaking change in cryptsetup 2.6.1-3

I just installed the latest stable updates on my laptop and found that my LUKS unlock with TPM2 was broken. Took me a while to track it down but I finally narrowed it down to just the cryptsetup 2.6.1-3 package – by downgrading to 2.6.1-1 the automatic unlock works again.

I strongly suspect that it’s related to this change, but I’m not certain the best route to get it reported to the upstream – I’ve heard that arch folks tend to turn away reports from manjaro users.

Anyone have suggestions with regards to how I would get this reported/fixed upstream in a way that won’t be ignored?


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That’s actually a different problem than what I’m experiencing. Grub does not error with mine, it starts the boot sequence and prompts for a passphrase to unlock the volume when it is configured to unlock automatically with the TPM. I tried the grub change recommended by that post and it did not correct the issue. The fix was to downgrade cryptsetup.

I’ll re-release 2.6.1-1 as 2.6.1-3.1 and the current 3 revision as 3.2 to unstable …

Having the same issue with cryptsetup-2.6.1-3.2. the following log line appears after booting the system using the recovery key:

systemd-cryptsetup[293]: TPM2 support is not installed.

Downgrading cryptsetup to 2.6.1-1 using:

sudo pacman -U

and re-enrolling the new key in the luks headers with systemd-cryptenroll solved the problem.

I had the same problem an tracked it down to to a dependency between cryptsetup and systemd.

Till cryptsetup-26.1-1 tss2-{{esys,rc,mu},tcti-''}* were installed from cryptsetup.
After 26.1-1 this was removed and systemd (253.1-3)installs these files.

The problem is now cryptsetup is up to date with mainstream but systemd is not.

Somehow the wrong cryptsetup was pushed to stable branch. Will fix it again.