Brave installed but not starting

This is still not desirable.
If one does not have DIFFPROG set for whatever reason you can state that … but dont use sudo … use the -s flag …

DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff -s

That will properly use sudoedit (temp files and all the extra nice things) for the ‘view’ and apply, or pass sudo for removal, etc.

It may also be worth noting that there is now the locked-easy package manjaro-pacnew-checker for those who want to duplicate the functionality of pacdiff … but it may not help if OP here cant install anything.

Well, I’m afraid I can’t help you anymore at this point. I’ve given you the evidence that the package is in the repository, with a screenshot of octopi, and another screenshot of Manjaro’s package search page. So the package is there.


It was quoted straight from the Arch Wiki. Personally I use pacnew-chaser from the AUR. :man_shrugging:

Are you sure? Maybe its an old quote.
I cant find it.
Theres no sudo on this page …

Um, no, I made a mistake. It’s from the Manjaro Wiki.

Then … as with a lot of the wiki … it needs some help.

Feel free to volunteer. :stuck_out_tongue:

… it finally settled down and stopped changing software versions and management, etc … but that was after numerous people lost interest for numerous reasons.

Thats all to say … eh … maybe … if I feel like it.

I do see the link and access it successfully but after clicking install something stops the installation and I get thrown out. Any chance to install it from AUR?

This gets more and more annoying. I just want to watch YouTube adfree. Do you have any alternative? Especially because this browser got a lot of negative feedback. No idea if this is for real…

If you use Vivaldi, it has settings to block ads and tracking. Youtube should be ad free. Alternatively you can also install and use uBlock Origin

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I dont understand the quotation…

You want brave only to skip youtube ads?
I guess thats an XY problem.
(Besides not trusting Brave to be the most effective blocker)
You arent in some quagmire…
But you are in a less than current state
For package management there is this link:

For pacnews and things (you probably have one for pacman.conf for example because ‘community’ repo no longer exists):

Fundamentally you just need to do:

sudo pacman -Syu meld
DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff -s
sudo pacman -Syu brave-browser

Though … as mentioned above … a better solution is probably just enabling ublock-origin in whatever is your preferred browser (FF, chrom, etc) along with some of the lists.

You need to deal with your current state in whatever case - regardless of brave.

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I installed Vivaldi instead. Works great but by certain videos it just gets stuck. And I get an error message. But usually it works.

As for brave I installed it from AUR. I became aware that I initialised the version that was not compiled so not brave-bin but brave. And I just aborted the sequence because it took ages. It was somewhere by 14% and it already downloaded 10 gigabytes. Do you have any idea where this junk landed? And of course how can I clean it. I mean if it’s not only cache but stuff that remains. The free space got suspiciously low.

Interesting, I have no issues with video playback on Vivaldi. I think you might need to check is if autoplay is enable or disabled, or it could related to the ad and/or tracking being blocked.

I wanted to quote Aragorn not you (CSCS). And as you said it’s not that difficult of a situation but… This browser issue reveals that there are some other issues for instance this inconsistency between the package search page and what I can actually access via terminal. It had been more standard to install it from pacman not from yay. And I can’t explain why this is failing as long as the package is there.

You have been told several times already that your system is broken. Why it is broken, we don’t know, but if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say you haven’t updated it in a long time, and you certainly haven’t been maintaining it either.

You will continue having problems until you sort out all that’s wrong, and you might actually be better off reinstalling in the end.

By the way, anything built with yay sits under ~/.cache/yay.

Everything in Manjaro wiki is with sudo. :smiley: It’s no surprise that newcomers put sudo in front of every conceivable command.