Brave - error window on download

To follow up on the message posted on the Brave forum, here is a bug that I encounter when downloading a file with brave.

When I type the new file name, the focus swith to the search file

Here the video


same error

Link to my brave post


This has nothing to do neither with Brave, nor with Manjaro. It has to do with xdg-desktop-portal and/or depending what you installed from xdg-desktop-portal-gnome or you installed the xdg-desktop-portal-gtk … but my guess is that you have the former and might not act properly outside gnome shell. I might be wrong, but that is what you should investigate and try to use xdg-desktop-portal-gtk and check the service for it to be enabled if you replace it.

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unfortunately I didn’t understand what I have to do or check.

I have manjaro cinnamon

Operating System: Manjaro Linux                   
 Kernel: Linux 5.17.15-1-MANJARO
    Architecture: x86-64

But your right, i have the same error with vivaldi

Here a solution from cneeper

It’s works for me… by uninstalling xdg-desktop-portal and flatpack.
Why this package are useful by default ?

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