Brave doesn't display BAT ad notifications under Wayland - but xorg is OK?

I was using Brave with Manjaro Gnome Xorg and I was getting the BAT Ad notifications in Gnome.

I did a reinstall of Manjaro Gnome 20.2 RC1 which defaults to Wayland.

I haven’t been getting Brave ads since using wayland. However, reverting to Gnome Xorg session and voila Brave ad notifications restart.

I noticed that the latest Fedora Live USB defaults to Wayland and Brave Ad notifications are all working OK, so this appears to be an issue with Brave and Wayland on Manjaro.

I am using the Manjaro Community package Brave 1.16.67-1 which is packaged by @philm

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue of no Brave Ad notifications under Wayland?

As Wayland is now default for Manjaro Gnome, it would be great to see if Manjaro can resolve this.

You want advertising in your browser?

They use Brave and are complaining about some of its core (advertising) features not working properly …
So yes I would assume so.

I should also mention that the only reason manjaro has brave in the repos is because they provide working binaries so it has virtually no cost to do so … in any case it also means we dont build it.

I use Brave myself, with all advertising & other means of tracking turned off. I find it to be a simple (not needing stacks of add-ons which bring their own privacy issues with them) browser to set up for privacy.