Brave Browser recent niggles

This is mainly to provide some feedback/info to development team rather than request support. Have gone through several problems with Brave the past week.

First, an old problem: when playing Netflix the subtitles were tiny and printed twice. By playing with a new Brave profile I isolated it down to the Mate Translator extension. When disabled the problem goes away. If this is something wrong with the Brave code in the Arch/Manjaro Repository then it’s of interest here, otherwise I guess not. Anyway…

I am using: the brave official build. Before I was using brave-bin. Following issues:
after absence for 10 days had a big update on return after which Brave could not access any websites or its Settings.

I ended up installing a Brave version from Snap and now it could access websites and Settings etc. but the video playback was choppy; sometimes when maximizing a live stream window (NFL game) the video would just show still shots every 5 seconds, not true streaming. This did not happen in any other browsers inc. Vivaldi and Yandex only in Brave.

So I searched and was advised to change the Brave version to the community one which overwrote Brave-bin and the video problem went away. Now all is fine.

But one other niggle: in learning to play with profiles to isolate the subtitles display issue in Netflix I noticed that a new color background was put into my original profile after returning to it. Not a big deal but it seems the profiles are not self-isolating correctly. Also, when I disabled Mate Translate in one profile I found it disabled in the original one. I did not check to see if this happened with other extensions. Again, maybe this is something for the Manjaro developers, or Arch, or maybe not. I am not an advanced user but thought it perhaps appropriate to report these things into you guys.

Am VERY happy with Manjaro and rarely have issues like this on updating. I give an annual (modest) donation and intend to keep using this as my base OS for years to come. Thank you for your distribution and hard work!

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